The importance of Hydration

Water is such an important element to a persons diet when it comes to being fit & healthy. Consistently drinking water and being hydrated is often overlooked. It can drastically help improve your performance both in and out of the gym.

So many processes happen as a result of being adequately hydrated. And in today's article, I hope to help you understand the importance of drinking plenty of water. 

You are what you drink

Water makes up nearly 60 percent of total bodyweight, therefore a 65 kg/143 lbs female carries around 39 kg/86 lbs of water; a male weighing 90 kg/198 lbs would carry around 54 kg/119 lbs of water.

Our water content depends on body composition too. Muscle cells contain 75% water, bone 22% water, fat/adipose tissue 25% water and blood 83% water. 

Water loss

A few days without water and death from dehydration comes quickly. We lose water through several processes such as respiration, urine, seating and fecal output (yummy). Of course exercise speeds up the rate of water loss. Because sweating causes a loss in both water and salt from the body, dehydration can be a concern for exercisers, especially within a hot environment. 

Take note of the percentage of body water loss and its consequences

  • 0.5% - Increased strain on the heart
  • 1% - Reduces aerobic endurance
  • 3% - Reduces muscular endurance
  • 4% - Reduces muscular strength, reduced motor skills, heat cramps
  • 5% - Heat exhaustion, cramping, fatigue, reduced mental capacity
  • 6% - Physical exhaustion, heatstroke, coma
  • 10-20% - Death

Fluid requirements

To gain a rough idea of how much fluid you need, you can simply step on the scales. For every kilogram of bodyweight, you'd ingest 30-40 ml of water. So our 65 kg/143 lbs female would require roughly between 1.95 L to 2.6 L of water; and out 95 kg/198 lbs male would require roughly between 2.85 L to 3.8 L per day.  

A good aim for people is to aim between 2 to 3 litres per day, but if you're not drinking water at all at the moment, simply beginning to do so will help you work towards those targets. 

Staying Hydrated

DRINK WATER. it's really that simple, but the idea of this blog was to hopefully give you a little more reason to do so. For those that don't like water, try adding lemon or a little sugar free juice to add a little flavour. 

Fluid doesn't just come from the water we drink but also the food we eat. Fruits and vegetables in their raw form have the highest water content. Foods that are higher in fat typically have a lower water content (nuts, seeds, oils, butter, lard etc.). Of course, the amount of fluid people get from their diet depends on what they eat. So there's another reason to increase your fruit and vegetable intake.   

We all want to be kicking ass in the gym and feeling awesome, and water is such a under rated supplement to help you do this.

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Happy hydrating