My top 10 tips for improving health & fitness

1) MASTER THE BASICS: Learn to squat, deadlift and press well and with full range of motion. Don't sacrifice form/ range of motion for weight.

2) LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE GYM DOOR: Somewhere there there's someone warming up with your max and that's ok!

3) VARY YOUR SESSIONS CONSTANTLY: this is crucial and probably the most important. Avoid getting into a routine. Doing the same thing over and over is going to lead you nowhere. Get creative, mix things up, it's a tonne more fun and interesting.

4) RECORD YOUR NUMBERS: Your 1RM squat - write it down, your 5k run time, write it down, that session you did last week of 5 rounds of 250m row and 25 wall balls., write the time taken down..You get the picture. Not only is this a great way to look at your training as a whole but it's good to compare yourself to your previous times/ weights.

5) PUSH YOURSELF: That guy/ girl you look up too in the gym, there's a reason they look how they do. Watch them workout, they will work harder than anyone else in there. There's plenty of people who go to the gym but how many are truly working when they're there?

6) BE IMPRESSED WITH INTENSITY, NOT TIME: Going for a 10 mile run isn't going to burn more calories than spending 20 mins going through a hard circuit/ interval based session or produce the same neuroendocrine response as hitting 5 heavy sets of deadlifts.

7) DON'T SHY AWAY FROM WEAKNESS: if you know you suck at double unders practice them! Sweeping them under the rug isn't going to achieve a god damn thing.

8) REST, HYDRATE AND EAT WELL: Learn to listen to your body, is it telling you you need a rest? Did that breakfast of bacon and eggs give you more energy in the gym that day than the porridge did yesterday? The energy you get for the gym comes from your diet, you will see the difference eating well has on your workouts. Everyone is different, learn what works for you.

9) DON'T BE FOOLED BY FAD PRODUCTS: That waist trainer, the kale only diet, slimming tea, ab toning belts that electro shock the shit out of you... Forget them, there's no substitute for hard work, clever marketing and peoples laziness are the only reason these products exist.

10) HAVE FUN!: Yeah there's going to be movements that aren't you're favourite, there's going to be sessions that kick your ass but that's when improvements are made! Nothing feels as good as leaving the gym knowing you have it 100%. Enjoy the process and the results will come.

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