Emma's Story

For many years I had tried the juices/patches/pills and even starvation to try and shift the lbs that had crept on since I had my youngest.

I was nearly 15 stone and unhappy, I must have spent thousands and nothing worked or if it did, I would always put the weight back on and more.

I had lost my confidence. I couldn't look in the mirror without feeling sick. I had a fear of eating as I associated that the food I was consuming lead to my weight problems, many times I would eat and be sick after I felt 'guilty' for eating it.

A few friends of mine had been going to 2B-Fit for a while they said I should try it. In April 2013 I tried my first 'super Saturday' and loved it. I started going to more classes and made some of my closest friends there. Nobody judged me for what I could or couldn't do I always pushed myself and sharp loved the buzz that exercise gave me. Then came the personal training sessions, the weight slowly but steadily came off me. I loved it I had found something that worked and that I loved doing. The harder I worked out the better I felt.

The support from Stephen and Ian has been amazing they have helped me at every step of the way from exercise to food and sometimes just an ear to bend (sorry about that Stephen). I got rid of the 'diet'. I made life changes and life choices instead. I challenged myself and pushed my body where I thought it couldn't go. I eat normal foods and don't stress about it. I have learned scales don't matter too much and slow and steady wins the race, and your body is capable of anything and 3 years later I am still pushing hard.

I have lost 3 and a half stone dropped from a size 20 to a size 12 I am happier, healthy and more confident than ever.


I eat more food than I ever did and never feel guilty about it. l owe a lot of that to 2B-FIT and it's not over yet.

Thank you