Lisa MacDonalds Journey so far

My journey to get fit.

So it's taken me a while to get the courage and confidence to post this, but I would like to share my little journey that I've started, apologies if I offend anyone with my photos, but I don't care as I'm very proud of myself and where I am now and where I am going!

Anyway so I made the enormous leap one day of stepping into the 2B-fit gym, I had seen things posted on Facebook and dragged my sister, Louise, along to check it out. What a great decision we had made! We were met with a friendly smile by Stephen (one of the owners) and he told us all about the gym, showed us around and even offered us a weeks free trial! You are correct in reading that, ONES WEEKS FREE TRIAL! We both jumped at the chance to try it out.

So one sunny Sunday September morning (try saying that when you have had a few) we rocked up at our first HIIT session, we didn't have a clue what we had let ourselves in to. So Ian (the other owner) showed us the ropes of what exercises we had to do and reassured us to do what we could.

I have never experienced anything like it in my life, I thought I was going to die! But it didn't stop us, we took full advantage of our weeks free trial and we did about 5 classes that week, my body has never ached so much!

Do not be put off by that because 8 months down the line I am so much fitter and stronger, I have lost weight, a total of 12kg so far, lost 24 cm off my waist and I now have muscles in places I never thought possible.

I am so happy I decided to choose 2B-fit as the gym I joined, I will never go to another gym! The support you get is unreal, everyone is so friendly and willing to talk to you. If you need advice you can approach anyone at anytime and they will always have the time for you.

I want to thank the whole team for being so supportive and encouraging. I want to say a massive thank you for the support of Louise and Craig. We do PT sessions with Craig so he knows the struggles I have faced, I can honestly say he is now a friend as well, even tho he still gets our names wrong!

I have had bad days where I have wanted to quit, and there was one day when I actually did! But you try doing fight gone bad at 6am in the morning! Although I did complete the prowler challenge that morning, I didn't beat my first time, but i still done it.

Every time I step foot in the gym there is a new challenge to push myself further and every day it's something different, there is no possible way you could or have time to get bored in this gym. 8 months ago I never would have thought I could back squat 100kg or deadlift 112kg, both of which I will beat and get new PBs.

When I first started this journey, my goal was to lose weight for my holiday, but I have learnt it is so much more than losing weight. I am always going to have new goals and mental challenges to face. I am learning more about food and getting my diet right, that has been another battle which I'm slowly getting right.

I understand this kind of exercise isn't for everyone and trust me when I say I've never been into exercise. I've always made a half hearted effort when joining other gyms and stopped going after 3 months. But I absolutely love this and I have found something for me, give it a go you never know you might end up loving it too!

And since writing this I beat my deadlift of 112kg and I've now lifted 125kg! Hard work pays off and it makes you feel good!