Sean Testimony

Since 2009 I wanted to change my appearance as I was not happy with what I looked at in the mirror.

For years I would do the same gym routine and eat what I believed to be the “right foods”. Cutting down my alcohol intake worked for me to some degree and I did start to notice some changes in my body. But then I hit a brick wall which I was unable to pass. I’d gain weight, lose weight, and it would be a roller coaster of happiness and frustration.

I had always wanted to go to a personal trainer as I thought this would give me the push I needed to better myself and help me get “ripped”. I put this off for some time as my perceptions of a personal trainer was that they’d be like a military drill sergeant that would bark orders at me and giving me the ‘no pain no gain’ treatment. Finally, on the 1st of June 2015 I was recommended to 2B-FIT which was not far from where I lived, I was told the guys there were great and that they could help me.

I met Ian for a consultation that day and I’d never felt more comfortable in my life, he listened to everything I said and explained a few things to me that for years I believed were facts, which turned out to be taboo. This included things like training patterns, nutrition and fitness in general.

My very first session was a one I’d like to forget as I almost blacked out. I laugh about it now and bring it up on regular occasions to great comical effect. Ian worked on my core strength and form, and with Stephen worked I worked on my athleticism and movement.

I have achieved such feats as deadlifting twice my own body weight and many other things. I have lost 9kg (1 stone and 5lbs), shaved 9cm off my waist and increased my muscle mass.

I’d like to thank Ian and Stephen for their patience and time and helping me gain confidence in myself again and now I am expanding my mind through nutritional literature and pursuing a career in personal training all thanks to these two handsome chaps and everyone else I have befriended throughout my journey.

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