Being a NEAT person (a key to fat loss)

NEAT (non exercise associated thermogenesis) is a HUGE contributor towards fat loss and general health. 

Steps taken over the weekend in Edinburgh    

Steps taken over the weekend in Edinburgh    

Fat loss is created through net calories in vs net calories out. People automatically assume exercise is the only contributing factor to burning calories but don't forget that ANY movement does the same. As you can see, I had an estimated nearly 800 calories burned just through walking.

Want to be healthier and potentially get leaner, increase daily movement and overall daily steps. Do 'cardio' without it necessarily being purposeful and labelling it a such, since when did walking to the shops become cardio anyway?

Unfortunately, the lack of manual labour and increased sedentary nature of our modern world contributes towards a distinct lack of NEAT. Try and figure ways of increasing general activity throughout your day.

Below is a fantastic desk that can be made for standing or sitting at and only costs £175 from ikea. This would help combat those that have a low activity job and prevent tight hamstrings and poor posture.


You body does not distinguish between purposeful 'fat burning' intended cardio or general activity to create a caloric deficit.

Unfortunately people see things such as walking a little further or even standing as a chore. But by actively going out your way to make life a little more difficult, it can propel your fat loss goals and general health.

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