Top Tip Of the Day: Eat more to lose weight?

'You need to eat more food to lose weight'

Sound familiar?

So how can slightly increasing our food intake lead to a better fat loss response?

1. Improved adherence to the diet: If a plan is too strict then this can lead to frequent episodes of over eating. Basically, you stop sneaking those treats or having binge episodes. By adding is some food to you daily calories, it is likely you'll stick to the macronutrient targets and log them instead of eating shit and not logging it (It all counts unfortunately).

2. Increased NEAT (See the link for more info): Through eating more, you may find you'll move around more leading to increased energy expenditure thus putting you back in a deficit.

3. Improved training intensity: Through eating more you'll be more likely to perform better in the gym. You'll likely find that you will have a little more intensity in the gym, be able to lift more, increase volume and put yourself back in a deficit.

Energy balance is key to fat loss - but it isn't all about reducing what energy is going IN, but also considering how much energy is going OUT

Try adding 50 to 100 calories per day to you daily intake per week (this will equate to 350 to 700 calories per week) and monitor how your body responds. 

If you're struggling with fat loss and  your calories are low, and you can honestly say you have been sticking to the diet consistently for a significant period of time. It maybe a good idea to start increasing calories too.

I hope this helps