6 Weight Management Tips over the Festive Period

This time of year is particularly difficult for weight management as our drive to consume calories is often at it's peak. And although it is Christmas, calories unfortunately do still count

With the offer of indulgence at every turn, from office parties to social occasions and marketing campaigns for you to fully embrace the Christmas spirit with food, it can be a minefield for those trying to watch their waistline.

Queue the 'but it's Christmas' comments...

This increase from calories is typically paired with a down regulation of activity that further increasing the surplus leading to more fat gain

I thought I'd offer a couple tips to at least buffer the blow as I'm all about enjoying this time of year

1) FASTING - Save the bulk of your calories around the times you're far likely to over consume. By skipping breakfast, this can essentially save your calories for later in the day. Obviously a drawback of this can be hunger and lead to over consumption later in the day. This is a strategy I often use, however I do like to consume protein (usually a shake) instead of fasting completely

2) CALORIE CYCLING - Although it's became a little of a trend as of late, it can be used to help 'bank calories'. Cycling calories is simply eating different amounts on different days and looking at food intake as an average across the week. Through eating less on other days of the week, you can then consume more on other days

3) EAT LOTS OF LEAN PROTEIN & VEG - If you're more full, you're less inclined to over eat. Lean proteins and fibrous veg tend to be far less calorific and more satiating.

4) DON'T DRINK YOUR CALORIES - Like the hot drink example above, it's very easy to over consume your calories. Liquid nutrition does very little for satiation and often does unregistered. As for alcohol, consider going for spirits with diet mixers

5) BE ACTIVE - The higher your calories out half of the equation is, the higher the calories in part can be. 2017 has been the year of step counting using Fitbits and pedometers. Try and increase general activity.

6) DON'T BE SCARED TO SAY NO - There's lots of food pushers around at this time of year that seemingly get offended if you deny their offerings. Remember, this is more their issue than yours

At the end of the day, don't feel guilty about enjoying yourself, it is Christmas after all (damn! I said it), however, if you apply some of the strategies listed above, then it may lead to less to shift in the new year

I recorded a quick 10 minute podcast on the subject if you'd like to hear, just follow the link

I hope this helped