Weekend shananagans

It's the weekend!

And like any 'normal' person, I have a life, but unlike the majority, my nutrition doesn't go out the window.

I hate to break it to you but calories do count from Friday evening to Sunday evening.

The main contributor to prevent weight gain is calories in vs. calories out (I know I keep harping on about that).

Here's 5 things that I typically do:

  1. I eat less throughout the day. On days I know food and possible even alcohol (not that I drink much these days) intake will be higher, I compensate by either intermittent fasting or maybe a couple of protein only meals
  2. I compensate on the days surrounding the day I know I'll be ingesting more calories. Net caloric intake will then be adjusted
  3. I'd train (EAT) on this day and try and be as active as possible (NEAT). You'll then at least have a slightly elevated caloric expenditure and some of those calories will go towards repair and possibly even muscle growth
  4. I'm not on a diet in the first place. By not being on a diet, I typically gravitate towards the right foods. The Monday to Friday dieters tend to be the worst when it comes to binge episodes on a weekend because of their overly restrictive nutrition protocol during the week. Instead of being 110% weekdays and 10% weekends, try being 80% for 7 days a week.
  5. Relax and don't stress about it. Life is too short, and unless what you are doing is really jeopardising your health, then missing out on fun occasions isn't really worth it, trust me, been there and done that. Accept that what you are doing isn't perfect, but hey, there's no such thing anyway

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