At 2B-Fit, we have a very simplistic approach towards training. We try to avoid what is considered commercial as these training styles offer little in terms of results. We firmly believe that hard work creates great results, and this is reflected in our fitness classes.

Traditionally, fitness classes have been considered more of a female environment, but not at 2B-Fit. Our classes are suitable for anyone no matter their sex, age, weight or ability. 

We offer unlimited classes and  gym use in our monthly membership from only £40 per month.


HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training! A true, action-packed 30-minute high intensity interval class is ideal for those who like to get in, get sweaty and get out the gym in next to no time! 

Utilising interval-based metabolic resistance training (intense, explosive exercise using bodyweight or equipment) as the main training principle - HIIT is a super effective conditioning class that will transform your fitness levels. 

HIIT is suitable for all as it does not distinguish between fitness levels. Whether you're new to fitness or an athlete, our high intensity interval class will give you an appropriate workout that will transform your fitness levels.

PRICE: £4.00


Our Workout of the Day sessions are the ultimate fitness test that combines skill, strength, endurance and determination. Set by your 2B-Fit coach on the day, WOD’s are often timed. Scored or completed against the clock as a marker for your performance, which you can use as a target to beat the next time you perform that workout.

At 2B-fit, we believe a little competitiveness can be a healthy way of transforming an individual’s fitness level, the competition is not necessarily between you and the other participants in the session - but between you and yourself.

Whilst our WOD sessions are meant to be hard and challenging (like all of our sessions) – each class can be tailored or ‘scaled’ to an individual’s ability and fitness level. This means these sessions are appropriate for new comers and will be able to complete the sessions.

The purpose of WOD is so that we can see progress in the gym. We recommend to our members to record their workout (often done using their camera and taking a photo of the board) so that they can see their improvements over time.

PRICE: £4.50


Bootcamp is the session that put 2B-Fit on the map! This back to basics session takes your more traditional circuit class to the next level with a variety of multiple training principles and methodologies.

Bootcamp is by far our most varies sessions utilising your bodyweight and a huge array of equipment including the prowlers, the assault bike, battle ropes, kettlebells, plyometric boxes, barbells, dumbbells so much more in order to offer an exercise experience like no other.

Our Bootcamp sessions are tailored towards developing your overall endurance, strength and cardiovascular capacity. Like all of our sessions, Bootcamp is appropriate for all levels of fitness and is a fantastic session to get a little taster of all of the exercises we have to offer up at The Unit.

PRICE: £5.00

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