contest prep / photo shoot

This coaching program is for those that wish to do a photo shoot, compete in Bodybuilding, Bikini, Men's Physique or any other category that requires them to be VERY lean (different categories require different levels of body fat).  

For those that wish to do a photo shoot or step on stage, or even get in the best shape of their lives, it would be essential for you to contact me well in advanced of you beginning to diet. 

Working with me in the off season, whether it be on a full coaching program or having a check in appointment a good year prior to the planned competition date is heavily recommended 

Dieting to very low percentages of body fat should not be taking lightly and should begin with a very strong foundation. Get in contact ASAP if you are considering it. Please note I would be only willing to work with unassisted/drug free athletes. Please get in contact below.



Ian has competed and won his class in the BNBF Northeast qualifier in 2014. This photo was taken in August 2017 by Joanne Coates

2B-Fit would like to take this opportunity to offer our support to the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation.