Nutritional Coaching

Nutritional coaching is designed to teach you the fundamentals and give you clarity where food and supplementation is concerned.

Whether you goal is health, fat loss & weight management, muscle building or performance, having a coach that offers objectivity can be hugely beneficial. 

who is coaching for?


Nutritional coaching is appropriate for any skill level. Beginners may be confused with all of the often contradicting messages in the world of nutrition, and may wish to start with a more sustainable, evidence based approach to their plan

Each client that enters our facility or enrols in our coaching program is treat as an individual, therefore, each experience is different from person to person. We take the principles and fundamentals of nutrition, physical activity and training and apply them to the individual. We'll give people the tools to help them manage their own training, nutrition and health & wellbeing in the long run.

For those that are a little confused, have yo-yo dieted for many years, would like to learn the fundamentals of health, fitness & nutrition, this would be heavily recommended.  

Intermediate & advanced

For the more intermediate/advanced training population, they may wish to have a little accountability, direction and fine tuning to their program. Even those that have been involved in fitness over many years can still overcomplicate things unnecessarily and could do with having someone else help manage their training and nutrition. 

By this we mean they should be skilled in the following:

  • Understanding food, including calories, macronutrients, nutrient partitioning etc

  • Has been training for a number of years and is comfortable with movements and technique

  • Is sufficiently motivated. Effort is of course required in order to create the most effective results

If you are an intermediate but feel you've gotten lost along the way, sometimes it can be beneficial taking thing back to there very basics and creating a more solid foundation to work from

Each client will be assessed prior to commencing any program to help establish the level of coaching that would be recommended.

What is involved with Nutritional coaching?

We look at your nutrition from the ground up and help establish a solid foundation before considering any advanced protocols or supplementation. Our service is truly unique from person to person, whilst there’s certain fundamentals that we must adhere to when it comes to nutrition, we truly individualise each approach to suit the client and their lifestyle.

do i need a coach?

Having a nutritional coach never essential, but having a third eye look in on you and offer some objectivity in order for you to work on certain aspects of your diet could be hugely benefititial in the long run.

Our coaching is a great accountability tool as we can help offer a little more focus and structure to your routine with clear aims and targets

How do i get started?

We can arrange a FREE meeting (either in person or via Skype/video call) where you can have a chat and further discuss your goals and any other queries that you may have. Until we have discussed and assessed your history and current abilities, it can difficult to determine the best course of action.

Please complete the form below with a little information about yourself. 

How much is this service?

Please get in contact regarding prices

If nutritional coaching sounds like it is what you're after, please contact us using the application form above. For general enquiries, please use the form below. We aim to offer a high standard of service, therefore it's important that those that wish to be coached are serious about the process. 

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