What is personal training?

Personal training involves structured, one-to-one exercise sessions in which you'll spend on average 60 minutes (depending on ability and session structure) with a coach. 

why personal training?

It can be overwhelming learning how to perform exercises correctly. Learning to squat, Deadlift or any other exercise can be a complicated and daunting process.

Having an experienced coach there to help you analyse your movement patterns and offer beneficial cues as far as exercise recommendations and technique is concerned can be pivotal to the ability for your long term training plan

For those that just want a little bit of a push during a training session, a personal trainer can of course help with this. A good coach will help encourage and push you physically and mentally (not too hard though) through those tougher workouts


When it comes to your body, it's important that you do not take it lightly when putting it in the hands of a personal trainer. We have many years of experience in a very unregulated industry and take pride in our honest, and ethical approach towards fitness.


No matter what your ability is, whether you’re a complete beginner and need to start slow and with the basics, or an intermediate that wishes to improve on the skills and knowledge set they’ve currently accumulated, or an advanced athlete that wishes to be held accountable and be pushed a little more during their training sessions, there is something here for you at 2B-Fit.

You'll be taken through a workout that will be suitable for you and your current abilities.

For those that wish to have programming only, or/and to be coached within nutrition, lifestyle and habits, we would recommend looking at our other coaching option. These coaching packages can be paired with our personal training sessions. Please enquire regarding this below.

How do I get started?

We can arrange a FREE meeting where you can meet a member of the team and further discuss your goals and any other queries that you may have. Please follow the link below and we will be in contact ASAP

If you’re happy with everything we can arrange an initial training session

We do ask that a deposit to be paid on any block bookings

do you offer group coaching?

Yes, if you would like to train with a friend or family member, we would be happy to offer a discounted price for the pair of you. Please enquire regarding groups of more than 2 participants.

How much is 2B-Fits coaching service?

We see 2B-Fits coaching as an investment that will help you learn the skills to create long term results once the process has been complete.

Please get in contact regarding prices

If personal training sounds like it is what you're after, please contact us using the apply form above. For any general enquiries, feel free to contact us on the form below. We aim to offer a high standard of service, therefore it's important that those that wish to be coached are serious about the process. 

Please note that these prices are in addition to a gym membership (see prices). We can organise monthly payment that include gym membership with personal training included. Please enquire about these offers.

General inquiries

Please use the form below for general enquiries

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