Episode 15: Weight management over the festive period (10 minutes)

Welcome to episode 15 of the forget the fad podcast

Today I'm trying something new... This is a solo podcast where I keep it relatively short in comparison to the usual podcasts to offer advice on specific subjects. As you may see from todays title, I talk about weight management over the festive period and a couple strategies you could consider in order to still enjoy the Christmas period and not for it to totally derail your weight loss journey

I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions of other topics you like for me to discuss. I could incorporate dog walk talk (check out my instagram for that) into the podcast too.

Thank you for listening, I'd hugely appreciate a review, like, share or comment on our episodes to help grow the show and have more guests appear.

If you have any questions, topics or guests you'd like to have on the podcast, please send them via [email protected]

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