Since 2011 we have been helping people lose body fat, increase muscle mass, improve performance, become stronger and more importantly, increase their levels of health, well being and happiness.

We have several options available when it comes to your coaching experience. Here's a brief summary of each but more details can be found under each tab


Personal training sessions are gym based workouts where you will have a one-to-one based exercise session that is tailored towards your goals and current abilities. 

For the new gym goer, it can be quite daunting having to figure out not only how to use the equipment but how to use it effectively and safely. Our fully qualified coaches will work you in a manner that is fully suited to you current abilities

Regardless of your level, beginners, intermediates and advanced gym users can be motivated to have that extra encouragement and be pushed a little more that what they would be on their own.

Coaching & programming 

This coaching program is for any level, beginners, intermediate to advanced clients that wishes to have a little more accountability and a structured plan to help improve their performance, increase muscle mass, strength and fine tune their nutrition & supplementation. 

This option can be both done in person or online in which a coach will make nutritional recommendations, design a training program and offer the tools in which to track progress


Nutritional Coaching

With so much, and often contradictory information out there, it can be difficult to know what is relevant to you as an individual.  

Nutritional coaching is designed to teach you the fundamentals and give you clarity where food and supplementation is concerned.

Whether you goal is health, fat loss & weight management, muscle building or performance, having a coach that offers objectivity can be hugely beneficial. 

contest prep / photo shoot

If you're planning on getting on stage, or wanting to get in shape for a photo shoot, Ian, a natural bodybuilding champion can help you with your journey if circumstances are appropriate.

If you're considering it, dieting to very low percentages of body fat is a large commitment and should not be taken lightly, ensure you give yourself plenty of time and understand the processes involved .